We've Got Soul

I'm still being an horrific blogger lately. I just can't seem to pick up my camera and document the happenings around the house. I have so much to share, but that's kinda hard using only words.

In the mean time, here's some info on the weekend. We went a little nuts.

In an effort to live more frugally and smart, we recently decided that we could live with just one car. We work 3 block apart and carpool everyday and really don't have too many occasions where we both need a car at the same time. So, this past Saturday, we sold our Jetta SportWagen to Carmax and reduced our monthly bills by a nice chunk of change in the process. We resolved to live on one car for at least 6 months in order to pay off a little bit of credit card debt and save up a little bit of money for a down payment on our next car.

Overall, the plan was to sell the Jetta and live with the PT Cruiser for those 6 months. Then we were going to buy a 2nd car after we saved a bit of money. Then we were going to save again and eventually trade in the Cruiser for a second car. That was the plan.

As it turned out, we went out looking at our top 2 choices within a specific (cheap) price range. Since Seth and I have been together (almost 10 years) we've bought 8 cars between us. Yes, that's ridiculous, but it HAS taught us a lot about what's we consider necessary features in a car and what we feel is not worth having to buy the next trim level up to get.

So while we DID end up trading in the Cruiser on Sunday for a new Kia Soul on an unplanned whim (blush), I think we made a smart decision in doing so. The amount we're saving per month is more than the car payment on the one car, and we're still on track to pay off the debt in 6 months or less.

So now one of these resides in our garage and so far, we're enjoying her cute self.
As a complimentary gift from Kia just for buying a car, I got one of these, too.
(just kidding)

Sooooo...We're still down to one car, and barring any unforeseen issues, I think we'll do just fine on one for quite a while. Hopefully giving us a good amount of time to save for a down payment for car #2.

It kinda sucks to be a State employee right about now and we're kinda shaking in our boots. They're messing with my husband's job and our livelihood and THAT'S not cool.

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  1. how do u get that necklace, I just bought a Kia Soul...I pick u 3*15*13 mzpitt63@yahoo.com