Rolla Coastaaa....of Jobs

Ok folks, I suppose I owe you an update on the job situation.

First, last week, "they" (whoever that is) revealed to our division which three people/positions would be retained by the budget proposal. Tuesday morning, I notice my boss was inviting a few people to meet with her in the conference room around 10:30. At the time, I was busy and I didn't really notice who all she had invited. I assumed she would be taking us in one by one all day to break the news that we'd no longer have our jobs soon.

She asked me to cover reception while they were in the meeting. It may seem odd that I couldn't tell that I was all alone, but our suite is made up of cubes and some times I can go almost a whole day without laying eyes on my co-workers even though they are 2 feet away from me. So I was blissfully clueless and just figured my time would come.

After the morning meeting, I went back to my co-worker and said, "What's the meeting about? Is this where she tells us we're all getting the ax?" And she replied, "No, it's when she tells us that the positions that were saved were hers (the directors), the investigator's and MINE."


I was kind of sickened. ME? I have been an examiner the least amount of time compared to my four other counterparts. I feel BAD. Really bad, and I still do. Me, who has been doing this since October? Just 6 little 'ole months? The other 4 have been here for several years, some have been instrumental in reorganizing the work flow up in this piece!

When it was my turn for a meeting, it was me and the other two retainees. Aside from being outright dissed for "not having seniority over the others and yet SHE gets to stay???", I realized my selection had nothing to do with ME. It was all about the numbers. I get paid the least out of all my counterparts. The receptionist gets the very least, but they don't need one of those when they move our division. So that's the trade-off I guess? Been there the least amount of time? Get paid less?

It's simple. I got saved because I'm cheap.

For now, this is all a big 'ole proposal. Nothing is set in stone until the final budget bill is signed into law. But still, we all wonder who is going to change things so drastically before July for our division? I think we all (including me) don't see that happening, but you never can tell.

On the flipside, I have an interview with a law firm next Wednesday. I'm excited about it, but not expecting anything. A rare entry-level paralegal position was advertised and I jumped on it. I got the posting the day we found out about our division being slashed. Entry-level paralegal positions don't come around often because firms and lawyers don't have time to train you. I'm hoping for the best, but trying not to get my hopes up. Of course, I will break the news here as soon I know anything.

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