The Beautiful Truth: Perseverance

I've posted a bit of yuck here lately, but today I've got some good news.

Scratch that. GREAT news.

I'm so proud to announce that I've FINALLY landed a position as a REAL LIFE Paralegal!

I've kept it kind of hush hush because it seems each time I tell the world that I've applied for a position or even gotten an interview for a position I have to come back and tell how I didn't get the job or wasn't even considered for the job. Perhaps a little modesty helped this time.

A few weeks back my division of 9 people found out that there was a legislative proposal to retain only 3 positions in our division and eliminate 6. Immediately I thought I was once again going to lose my job. Oddly enough, on that very same day, I received a job posting through my paralegal program alma mater regarding an opening for an entry-level paralegal. Understand, this NEVER happens. I've struggled to find jobs that require anything LESS than 3-5 years of experience since I graduated from the program, and they just don't exist. I jumped on this bad boy immediately.

A very few short days later (we're talking 2 or so), I get a call from the firm's paralegal manager who is based in Atlanta. He and I had a nice phone interview (my first ever) and he told me the next step would be to schedule in-person interviews to the candidates who would move on after the phone interviews. To my great surprise, I got a call from the Raleigh Office Administrator a couple days letter scheduling an interview.

Last Wednesday, I nervously went to my interview but was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed, comfortable, and welcome I felt almost immediately. I met with the Office Admin and the one other paralegal in the office. Both chats went great. The next day, I sent a thank you email like a good interviewee and got a response back asking me to come in to meet with one of the partners. WEE! So, Monday morning I went back in to meet with him and again had a wonderful meeting.

I knew they were checking my references and that's always a good sign, but since I've never worked in the private sector I really had no idea how companies handle their hiring. Maybe they were checking references of others? All kinds of ideas were swimming through my head.

But then. YESTERDAY. I got a call from my good buddy back in Atlanta offering me the position and I accepted right then and there on the phone. He told me I had been his secret first pick and then when the interview team said the same thing, they decided I was perfect and offered me the job. How flattering to hear that and that they "were honored" to have me join their team.

I've been waiting for this for 3 years. I felt like giving up so many times assuming I'd never find a job opportunity at any decent place that was willing to take a beginner. But clearly, this is the Lord's GIANT hand at play here. Perseverance and patience (even though I didn't feel patient at times) has paid off. I can only hope that the experience at the new firm is the cherry on top.

I'm excited, nervous, scared and totally THRILLED to start this journey in my career.


  1. Good job Kelley! I struggled too with finding programming jobs for a long time but finally got to where I wanted to be. Persistence does pay! Congrats!

  2. Congrats!! That is so great!! I am so happy for you...you totally deserve it!