Excuse Me, This is Fabulous

Installment 2 of EMTIF brings 3 semi-OK photos taken by my trusty iPhone. See, sometimes you just might come across something fabulous that's NOT online and an image can't be so easily borrowed. I certainly don't haul my camera to work with me everyday either. So my iPhone and its might mega-pixels are my go-to guys when I just can't wait to share the fab.

As I was flipping through my latest Real Simple, I turned page 121 to see this photo staring back at me from page 123.
Aren't they fabulous? Not only is the photo itself gorgeous, but those glasses are just TDF. I think they're probably a bit large for my face, but I love that they are navy and the white detailing is so classic.

These Alexander McQueen beauties will set you back $325 so don't run out to the sto' just yet.

1 comment:

  1. I never spend more than $20 bucks on sunglasses or gloves...mostly because I usually lose them in under a month...but for these I would make an exception!