News Flash: I'm Not Dead

It's been a totally obscene amount of time since I last posted, but I've got excuses, y'all!

1. I started my new job at super law firm, which equals timekeeping, which equals no more free time at work to blog and the like.

2. I started my new job at super law firm, which equals new routine, which equals tired blogger come 5:00pm.

3. I started my new job at super law firm, which equals....well, it equals mental chaos.


Are we clear?

I have some home projects on the brain. It's been so long since I've shared any projects in the house, I've been so proud of my husband and his app success! However, I have a 4 day holiday weekend coming up July 4th and said hubby will be out of town with his family (no vacation time for first 90 days of new job = me can't go) and I have some projects up my sleeve. They include paint and new bedding. YOU THOUGHT THE DUVET ISSUE HAD BEEN SETTLED? You're so naive.

I also have the cutest new piece of furniture to show you. The pictures of which are still on the camera. I think I took those 2 weeks ago. See. New Job. No Time. I'll give you a narrative sneak "peak" - it's a side table, top is bean-shaped, has 2 drawers, and the most beautiful shapely legs. Also, it's painted a melon color so close to my dining room color it's silly. Will post pics soon! SWEAR!

Lastly, I can't pass up the chance to brag on the hubs once again. He went for a few weeks there without press, but then out of nowhere, my new BFF, Charlie Sorrel, wrote this article for WIRED!
You've heard of WIRED, right? Such a cool magazine! We love Charlie!

And then Lifehacker, after taking a poll to get the top 5, has this great little write-up and chance to vote for your favorite of the Five Best Mobile Podcast Catchers. Downcast is in the top 5. YAY! You're supposed to be able to vote, but I honestly can not figure out HOW to vote. BOO!

So that's life around here. Work is going well (I've got BUSINESS CARDS!) and I've got so much to learn it makes my head spin. I can't wait until it's a year from now (maybe sooner) and I look back on this time and laugh at how easy all this stuff I view as hard is/was.