Going Grey...er, Gray

I updated the ole blog a bit. It might be kind of hard to read now, but whatever. Not like I have any actual readers anymore (or ever).

I've been going through a fairly major style overhaul at home. It all started when we decided (again) to get rid of our couch/sectional.

See, we have a tiny living room with no full walls. Here's the best view I have, pre-move in.

The wall on the right is our most "full" wall. The other walls consist of a fireplace with built-ins, windows, and the "wall" at which I stood to take this photo is not really a wall at all. It's our "foyer"/"connection spot" to the dining room. See? No walls to work with.

Basically, we've gone through 3 couches to date. Right now we have one we are quite happy with and are waiting for another to arrive in early November.

Getting back on track, the style makeover has moved from traditional/arts & crafts to mid-century modern. I have so many colors in my house, I just up and decided to go grey - all grey. With pops of color in the accessories to liven things up.

Here's the dining room timeline of color:

Green upon move-in

Watermelon was my first repainting.

Now we're at grey. And I love it. Really love how calm the grey is with the white wainscoting.

Now I'm moving to redo the hall bathroom. AGAIN.

Last time, we ended up here:
Now that I'm going grey, I decided I wasn't crazy about all the color in the wainscoting but wasn't ready to go back to white yet. So I'm going white on the walls, and a softer grey (high gloss) on the wainscoting. Am very excited. After I thought of the idea, I search google for images just to confirm my stroke of genius and found this. I'm going a little darker, but you get the idea:
Going back to the dining room (am all over the place in this post), we're overhauling everything in there in addition to the paint. We've sold our trusty Target mission-style chairs that always seemed too small and temporary. Last week, I scored 6 vintage dining chairs at my fave used furniture warehouse for $140. Here's 4 of them. Don't hate. I'm going to whip them in to shape soon! We lucked out and found 3 more very similar chairs while we were there and bought 2 of them as well.

I'd to paint the chairs red and recover (and recushion!!) with a black and white chevron fabric a la this pic: Then I'm thinking 2 of these for either end of the dining table:
So, I've got my hands full. We have really come up with lots of great ideas for renovation and redecoration of the house. Some BIG projects, some small that we can tackle now. It's been kind of amazing. I've come up with all sorts of ideas on my own and then I've randomly bumped into my idea in real life just by chance. Take this photo I stumbled across in the most recent Crate & Barrel catalog

Not only is it totally mid-century-inspired, but see the whole stone wall with fireplace? Yeah, we've been bouncing around the idea of taking our our current fireplace and built-ins and replacing it with a free-standing fireplace or stove and putting in shallower built-in shelving under the windows. Just to free up about a foot or more floor space and give us more feeling of space in general.

Just a few of my crazy ideas and decorating that's been going on a 415. As always, stay tuned. I'll post pics at these projects come to life!