Kitchen Kandy

I've been googling up a storm looking for tile ideas for a variety of areas in our house. In looking for backsplash ideas for the kitchen I came across some photos that got me to drooling!

I've tried to give credit where i could, but a lot of these photos were found on others' blog posts and they had no source so forgive me! If anyone spot their photo here, please let me know - I'm happy to give credit where credit's due! Especially for these beautiful spaces.

*You should notice a theme with these kitchens and get an idea of the direction I'm thinking of going with our small re-dos.*

I found this kitchen on Color Outside the Lines.

This one got me with its storage capacity. Oh, what I could do with that much storage and beautiful glass-front cabinet. Yum. I love that it looks like a huuuuuge piece of furniture squeezed in next to the other charcoal-grey cabinets. The fact that it's white makes it all the more glorious and huge and I love it's contrast with the flooring. Muah!

Here's another lovely that I found on multiple sites, but again Color Outside the Lines had it with additional photos from other angles as well.

How do I love thee, let me count the ways:
1. Black lowers, white uppers.
2. Herringbone tile pattern.
3. Tile color with fairly wide grout line punched up with white grout.
4. Black paint on french doors and pantry (?) door.
5. Gigantic light fixture over pretty country table.
6. Um, hi. The wine storage? Yes, please.

This kitchen is the bees knees to me. I really love every bit of it. And TRUTHFULLY, I just paused to google some more and came across this post by Ruby Press who pretty much took the words right out of my mouth (er, even though I'd already typed them ... whatever! we agree! YAY!).

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  1. Love them both!! I am a big fan of a white kitchen..so clean and fresh!