So yesterday, I get home from work, plop down on the couch and start watching a really interesting episode of "Dateline: Hard Evidence." By the time the hubs got home, I was sleepy and thought I'd take a little nap. So off I went...

When I woke up, I made myself a bowl of Special K Red Berries and started eating. I was on the couch (obviously, where else do you eat?) and I picked up my phone to see what was new. With a mouth full of cereal I saw an email from "John Petersik" and I nearly choked as I begane to realize why Mr. Young House Love has emailed me. (It was one of those moments where I saw his name in my list of emails and thought "I know that name..." and then "Why is this fun blogger emailing me?...." and then "OMG. I think I know...." and then I scan the email with darting eyes looking for the key words to confirm what I already suspected and then... [read above]).


A whole $1500 giveaway! I said (with ceral in mouth) Ohhhhhh. Myyyyyyy. Gooooooooood. Hubs was kind of freaking out thinking I might have some horrible news or something so I quickly shared the GOOD news.

I put down my cereal to quickly reply (because they'll give it to a runner up if you don't respond withing 72 hours). I wasted no time in at least accepting my prize. My cereal got a little soggy in the process, but it was worth it!

I'm still in shock! I haven't won anything cool since I was in 2nd grade and won the grand prize bike at the Fall Festival at my elementary school in a raffle drawing. Oddly, when I saw the giveaway, I quickly entered (I don't always enter their giveaways) and thought this one had my name written all over it. I mean, I have had so many ideas for tile jobs all over our house. The kitchen backsplash, replacing the fireplace surround, even the master bathroom floor. And $1500 can go a looooong way. Maybe if we're smart, we can take on more than one project.

Here's the post announcing my win.

I wonder if I'll ever remove John's email from my inbox?....Nah, not anytime soon :)

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  1. Just saw that you won! Congrats, can't wait to see what you do with it!