New End-of-the-Bed Bench

It's taking me much longer to make progress on our wainscoting than I had hoped. Currently, it's still looking exactly like it did in my previous post. Boo. We've had family in from out of town, funerals to attend (too many! it needs to stop!), and of course, work. I hope to tackle the caulking this weekend. Spoiler Alert: I may HIRE someone to do the painting. DIY'er pros, don't hate!

Aside from that, my birthday present from my hubz arrived today. He was there to receive it (since I have to work on Good Friday, grrrrrrrrrrrr) and he sent me this pic!Looks like some(westie)one is feeling recovered after her dental cleaning yesterday. Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

This is the Lola Bench from Z Gallerie.

Since upgrading to a king-sized bed, we haven't upgraded our end-of-bed seating and the one we were using was looking kind of squat. We mostly use this end-of-bed seating as an easy way for our preshus doggie to get on and off the bed. Before we got our new bed, we had the end-of-bed bench at the side-of-bed because the footboard was so tall preshus doggie couldn't clear the footboard from the bench. Alas, the new bed. Yes, we got a new bed because our DOG couldn't get up on it from the end. We are smitten with her, what can I say?

I chose this one after a long hunt for the perfect thing. This bench is about 2 inches taller than our current, but one inch shorter than our footboard. It's wider and will stand up more to the size of our king bed. It's color is listed as "pewter gold" and on the web site it seems to be a shimmery gray. Hubz says it's straight up gold, but what does he know? I haven't seen it in person yet, but I'll post more pics later and especially when we get the room all done and have a big reveal of the whole picture!

Happy Easter, all!

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