Shifting Gears: Fitness

On top of the various goings-on in our home, I'm going to start posting about the goings-on in life, too. Starting today. We joined a new gym a week or so ago (Lifetime Fitness) and went in Saturday morning for a physical assessment with a personal trainer. A few tests later, I find out I've got 60 pounds to lose (fat ass) and my body age is 44. Um, yeah.

Fast forward through a long conversation about my health and physical activity and there I was, committing to 2 personal training sessions a week for 3 months with my new trainer, Janette. Since I participate in our office group workout twice a week, I needed something to fill in the gap from Friday to Wednesday so I'll be going to Lifetime on Mondays and Saturdays.

This morning was my first session. It was fine....until I nearly passed out, broke out into a cold sweat, had to sit down in front of the air vent with a bag of ice on my neck. Yeah, it was fabulous. Argh. I was disappointed that happened, but it's nothing new - I've experienced it before and know how to get through it, but I always worry that it's going to be the one time I puke all over everything or that I pass out and pee all over myself. Neither happened and I recovered after a few minutes, but I hated it. My trainer understood, and in fact, she had been asking me all along if I was feeling dizzy or light-headed or anything and I wasn't. I assured her I'd let her know if I started feeling that way and I did.

This morning's workout was at 7am (I'm not a morning worker-outer so that may have been a contributing factor). It was at a new place, with a new person, doing new moves and lifts, and I think I just worked one part of my body too much and all the blood rushed from my head. She said she will revise the plan for next time. OH GOOD.

All-in-all, I survived and it was good. I workout with her again on Saturday at 11am this time. I'm also going through some of their tests to tell me how many calories I should eat per day and what my anerobic threshold and aerobic base is. That's Wednesday morning - at 6am. Ouch. The calorie part I just get to sit in a chair, but the cardio part has me on a treadmill for a few minutes. Hopefully I survive that seeing as how I'm to come in having not eaten, no meds, no exercising, no nothing for 10-12 hours prior. Then at a later date, I'm going to meet with a dietician and hopefully between the trainer, dietician, and metabolic specialist they'll be able to get me on the right track to buring some of this fat off with the least amount of work/effort. That sounds lazy, but that's what in their literature!

All this is in an effort to "de-age" my body and get in better shape. The PCOS is reversable with good diet and exercise and I'd love that to happen, but mostly, I just need to be healthier. Our new gym is so crazy nice and awesome, it kind of makes you want to go there and be around all the niceness so here's to hoping for success (and much less ass)!

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