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I've been keeping an eye on Craig's List and some of my other favorite used furniture sites looking for the perfect china cabinet. Sure, we already have one. It belonged to my Grandmother West, it's just too small for my liking. My scouring finally paid off, and after a week of extreme patience in communicating with the seller, I've got a new baby.

I found a 1971 Statton TruType Americana piece in Oxford Antique Cherry. I don't think the sellers quite knew what they had because they sold it to me for just $200 smackers. That's cheap even for flimsy furniture, but this piece is solid cherry and is a big boy, too!

Here's the picture from the listing:

You can't tell a great deal from the photo, but it's a large piece. The top part has one center (double-door) display area, and then there are 2 display areas on either side. All 3 have lighting at the top and the shelves are glass. Below, the 2 drawers on the side are nicely lined and have silverware storage just like a sterling silver box would have. The storage below is great, too. All 3 sections have one shelf in them and even the shelf is solid cherry.

This one is much larger than my grandmothers and offers way more behind-closed-doors storage. My grandmother's piece has one shallow drawer below the glass cabinet - really only useful for a few linens. Oddly, I could only find this picture I took while painting the dining room, but you get the idea.
Even though I got great a deal, I bought it knowing it would need a facelift. Although you can't tell it from the picture, it had been in a smokers' house (ick!) and even though I gave it a good wipe-down with Murphy's Oil Soap, it's still nasty. The lower piece was in worse shape since it was the part to get bumped and chipped by moving furniture or whatever else. Also, upon removing the top part, I found there was a fairly drastic discoloration between the part that had been exposed and the part that was under the top piece.

At first, my plan was to paint it black with a contrasting color on the inside of the upper portion. But upon getting it home and realizing I had a solid cherry piece, I just couldn't paint it. More so because I actually LIKE the wood tone in the piece and sort of hated to see that warmth go. Our dining room is the grey above and we have a black table and soon-to-be black chairs, so the wood tones go a long way in keeping the room cozy and inviting.

So....I shipped her off to be completely refinished. Not the DIY project I assumed I'd be undertaking, but in the interest of saving a fabulous piece, I felt best about putting in the hands of a professional...to the tune of coughcoughcough $750 coughcoughcough, but who's counting!? My refinsher has been at it for 35 years and he was very nice when he came to pick it up on a Saturday morning. Check them out if you live in the Raleigh area - Stein Finishes - John Stein is our man!

I can't wait to share the finished product with everyone! I'm thinking of using wallpaper over foam board as a rotating background display, but I'll have to see how it fits in with the shelves. May have it back this week! Until then!

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