Master Bathroom - Part Two

Since I last posted, not much has happened in our bathroom. Our anticipated start time is early to mid-September. Our contractor is finishing up other jobs and waiting for our cabinets to receive a delivery date. For now, we're in a holding pattern.

To keep all three of you readers interested, I'm sharing fixture choices!

First, let me back up and say that since we got our estimate, we have decied to eliminate (for now anyway, possibly for always) some cabinets we were going to have installed in the spot where our shower stands currently. They were going to be an extra $1,000 and I could think of better ways to spend that in the bathroom or even save it perhaps (what a novel idea, right?).

So, we decided to splurge a little on our fixtures and got them from Restoration Hardware. Yes, I know, I crunk on them for their hideous new store design, but take some items OUT of the store and they are still quite lovely and classic. Plus, I love their Turkish towels too much to throw in the RH towel (pun intended).

I'm a symmetrical girl and I also love to match certain things (I know, the shame) so I really wanted a cohesive look when it came to the fixtures, especially because they are going to be chrome and will stand out. Sue me, I wanted them all to MATCH.

We selected some pieces from the Campaign collection at RH. Added bonus being that they were all on sale since RH is currently having it's Summer Bath Sale. Score.

We ordered these sight unseen and then found them on the display at RH. The spout is quite wide (maybe an inch and half), but I kind of like it so we're going with it. That wasn't apparenty from this side-angle view, so it was an interesting surprise, but again, we're down with it.

This bad boy is purely for decorative purposes. We inherited a double towel bar when we moved in and it's great for displaying your monogrammed or fancy "do not use" towels.

Two of these to hold our hand towels. We have none right now and I use my regular shower towel to dry off my hands. Mine hangs right by my sink, but the hub's is behind him which I suppose is a little annoying.

The ever-classy and much-discussed toilet paper holder. Sans-spring. How fancy. Not much more to say.

We aren't installing a giant wall mirror in our new bathroom (I'm 95% sure on that). I like the coziness and opportunity to paint or tile the walls that hanging individual mirrors allows. So, we're installing a single sconce on the outsides of our mirrors and the double sconce (below) in the middle.

For inbetween the mirrors.

The only fixture we did not buy to match due to its extreme cost was the shower fixture. Here's the one we picked instead, by Delta.
Isn't she lovely?

We're also getting a new toilet! At first, we saw that as an unnecessary expense. Then the sound of a fresh new toilet on which no foreign ass had sat before sounded so appealing! So we're going with The Drake by Toto. I'm not posting a picture because, really?, it's a toilet. Use your imagination.

The last few things I'm mulling over in my head are window treatments and mirrors. Mirrors are harder to find than I thought. In pairs anyway. The ones I'm currently loving are from West Elm (shocker) and I'm trying with all my might to wait until this Thursday night to head over to our brand spanking new WE store in Durham to lay my eyes on the mirrors in person before I buy them.

This is the Parsons mirror in a lacquered white. We have 9 foot ceilings in our bathroom so I want the mirrors to make an impact. I'm not sure these are going to be the scale I'm looking for so we'll see.

And lastly, the curtains I'm considering. Also West Elm.

Curtains seem like a weird thing to put in a bathroom, especially ones that touch the floor, but our one and only regular window is away from the shower and over by the toilet. I think these will look nice and break up all our crisp, sharp lines and be just yummy. Perhaps with a sheer curtain in the middle so we can toss the blinds but keep out eyes and let in the light.

As always, stay tuned. I'm guessing demo is up next!

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