Day 13 - Master Bath Remodel

We've got tile to the ceiling, y'all!

Day 13 was a good one. Tile is nearly done. The guys are here this morning, but I think this may be their last day to finish up.

As you can see, we've got a bench, a mostly-complete niche, and tile to the ceiling!

Here's a westie-eye view of the bathroom. We purposely made the shower floor the same tile as the main floor to make the bathroom feel as open as possible. In person, it really feels cohesive and continual. It's neato.

Another angle...

Here's a peek at the niche. I love that we backed it in the mosaic. It really brings some interest into the shower other than the one row of mosaic. I didn't want to go nuts with the decorative tiles. I was mostly concerned with keeping it clean and not too trendy so we'd be sure to love it for years to come....not just 6 months.

Here's one lesson in construction. See how the niche isn't centered? Yeah, well, I'm actually OK with that. It had to fit between studs and this was its best spot. It actually isn't that noticeable OUTSIDE the shower since you're looking in at an angle. Clearly, I stepped into the shower to take a few of these pics.

Here's a view of the bench from inside the shower. The shower space is perfect. Not too small and crowded, but not too big so as to create cold spots in the shower. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Another fun angle. Again, you can see how much space is between the tiles. I'm dying to see the grout go in!!

The most exciting part of today was that our cabinets came home! They are being stored in our lovely guest bedroom until Friday when they will be dry fitted. They will be installed permanently on Monday while I'm off getting oriented at my new job. What a great thing to come home to!

In this photo, the insets look like a different shade, but I can assure you they are all white! The doors and drawer fronts are wrapped in a protective plastic so a weird shadow is being cast on the inset. I'm loving the cabinets, though!

This horribly blurry pic is what makes these cabinets awesome. They have the anti-slam feature and that was standard - no upgrade needed! This technology is on all the doors and drawers. Thanks, Martha!

We selected Martha Stewart cabinets from Home Depot. They were a good price and were some of the simplest designs. I wasn't looking for anything fussy and Martha delivered. We did not pick wood cabinets. We selected the laminate cabinets she calls Purestyle. Since we were doing white, we did not see the point in splurging on the real wood. Plus, the laminate feels just like painted wood. It's very smooth and doesn't have that traditional laminate texture of bookcases of yore.

Lastly, the center slab of our quartz came over, too. Oooo, fun! Again, HORRIBLY blurry photo, but it was dark outside and I couldn't get it right so just get over it. Our quartz is by Kraftmaid and is Olive Ovation color. Olive insinuates green but it's really not that green. It probably has a soft green to it, but overall, it's a very lovely taupe-y neutral that I love.

Also delivered today, our toilet and sinks. They are all still in the boxes so the excitement will have to hold off for another day.

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