Day 1 - Master Bath Remodel

Work went well during day one of our master bath remodel. Our GC sent us a photo he took with his iPhone in the late afternoon and the last bits of floor were being removed.

When I got home, I found all our carpet covered in that lovely sticky plastic runway stuff. Should be fun to walk around on for the next few weeks. I was excited to get in that bathroom and take some great pics, but the bathroom was closed off. The door was shut and there was plastic up in front of it being held to the floor and ceiling with those fancy spring-loaded poles GCs have. SO. The pics I have are from my phone so bear with me.

I was able to stick my hand behind the plastic and open the door. I could only peek in as the plastic was pulled mighty tight. Most of these pics are me sticking my arm in and flying blind for the most part.

Here you can see that the half wall is gone, the toilet is gone and clearly the walls around the tub and old shower have been removed. Don't you love that green square that is almost the perfect shape of the toilet tank? I can't paint back there!

This is the old shower area. The plumbing has been fixed to cap off the old drain (see the whole where it used to be?) and reroute to under the old tub which will become the location of the new drain in the new shower.

Here's another shot of the old shower and its plumbing (which is being inspected today).

The sinks got pulled out, too. Here's where they once stood in all their white porcelain glory. The medicine cabinets will come down today along with the trim and beadboard.

And, of course, I had to go check out the dumpster in the backyard. That's where all the evidence is!

First up, our shower. He was leaning in shame against the back of the dumpster (not sure why they didn't just chuck him in there (?)).  Perhaps he's being punished for causing all this mess!

Look at all that flooring and trim and PVC, OH MY!

The happy part - we are donating our toilet, 2 pedestal sinks with faucets, tub, medicine cabinets, and our light fixtures to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Cary. We were going to Craigslist them, but when I did some reasearch on the going rate for pedestal sinks, it just wasn't worth our time and effort. Plus, I feel so good about donating them to such a great organization. I hope they get put to good use or that someone finds them for their DIY project and gets a great deal!

According to our GC, on the Tuesday task list are:

Inspection of the new plumbing
New wall built where the old half wall stood
Shower seat built/framed
Shower curb built
Replace subfloor
Remove beadboard and trim
Remove medicine cabinets
  Possibly work on new window header

Be back tomorrow with another progress update!

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