Day 2 - Master Bath Remodel

Day 2 went off with not a peep from anyone so I took that to mean good and predictable progress was being made at the homestead while we were at work.

Today I came home to a much less locked down bathroom so I grabbed our fancy camera and took some pics.

Here are a few shots of the set up we'll be living with for the next few weeks.

Plastic in the hallway and all the way down the stairs. It's not the funnest, but our Westie sure does sound cute when she walks on it.

They cover our bed in this plastic each day, too. So far, we're still sleeping in there, although the fine white dust is really starting to get to my allergies. It's all over everything. Ugh. may have to abandon our big king bed and sleep on the old queen downstairs.

Lastly, here's the entry to the bathroom. You can see the poles and plastic I mentioned in yesterday's post. Today, the plastic was pulled back like a curtain and we were free(er) to go in and look around. Check out the little bit of our disgusting air return! YUCK! It was kind of dirty before they started, but has gotten FILTHY just in 2 days worth of work. Makes my lungs hurt just to think about all the dust and dirt that are now airborne in our house.

Day 2 seemed productive. All of our old fixtures were gone from our patio since the ReStore came to pick them up yesterday. The carpenter was on schedule for today and we started to see a little bit of change.

The carpenter took down the medicine cabinets and the beadboard and trim. I actually took the photo on the left from inside where our old shower stood. The other one I took from in front of the window.

The new wall was framed out...

And the shower got a bench and a curb!

Even though there's a huge pipe sticking out, I climbed in there and pretended to shower just to see how roomy it felt. Nice so far. The bench is the perfect sitting height (although I really have no plans to sit on it) and also a great height for propping my leg up to shave.

Here are a couple other angles of the new shower. Both from in front of the window.  You can also see the new flooring in the shower and old shower area. I guess that means the plumbing inspection went well yesterday!

Work on the window header was up in the air yesterday and it looks like they mostly just took down the trim and perhaps had a look-see at the current framing around the window. I am strangley excited to see the new window go in. At first, we were going to leave the current window, but as we started talking about tile, I realized that I wouldn't be able to take the uncentered window in the new shower. I'm so severly symmetrical that I would've driven me nuts! A new window was only about $400-500 so it wasn't really a huge expense to add.

Here's the new window. It's being stored vertically, but will be installed horizontally.

Anybody gotta pee? Yer outta luck!

On the schedule for Day 3: The Plumber will roughs in the shower valve, shower pan and lavatories if they need a location change.

Day 3 and Day 4 may not make for the most interesting and exciting picture days, but we'll see. We meet with our GC tonight to nail down the new electrical plan and that stuff stars on Thursday. 

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