Day 6...er 7? - Master Bath Remodel

I guess technically we're on Day 7 of actual work since the guys came by on Saturday to install the new window. So...we'll go with 7.

Day 7 was interesting. Originally, we were to have inspections on electrical and plumbing done, but since we changed the plan a little, more electrical and plumbing work were to be done so the inspections were delayed a few days.

We hoped our linen closet would be demoed, but when we got home it was still standing. The only obvious change was that our plumbing had been scooted over to accomodate for the new location of the vanity and sinks.

Here's a view from the window side of the room. You can actually see the shadow that the linen closet casts on that area. We hope to have a feeling of more light and space when it comes out.


Here's a look from the door. You can tell how much everything was moved over by the length of the line that's parallel to the floor. A good foot or so.

So that was about it for today.


Our GC called as we were headed out the door for an evening walk. He wanted to bring his guys over to rip out the closet that night! It cut our walk short, but it was for the greater good!

So we went from this:

To this:

In about an hour or so.

They had to leave that stud dangling there because (if you look closely) the electrical wire for the outlet that was on the side wall of the closet was threaded through the stud. The electrician is coming on Day 8 to polish off final electrical requests. They will take down that stud when he arrives.

They also finished taking down the drywall where the old beadboard was. It's way easier to replace it with a new piece than to patch drywall that's a mess from having had glue on it and then ripped off.

So now it looks like this:

They also turned the electricity in the bathroom back on so I was able to take photos that weren't lit by only the flash.

The plan for the rest of this week involves electrical, inspections, drywall, and then by Friday and/or Saturday TILING will begin. We're getting near the fun part!

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