Day 8 - Master Bath Remodel

Day 8! We're getting so close to seeing real changes! Day 8 involved lots of prep work to take us to that next step so while these photos aren't all that interesting, the work in them will allow me to start sharing photos with big changes and I'm excited about that!

First let's start with a view of what the bathroom looked like when I got home yesterday:

Not too much different.

The electrician came back today and buttoned up all the electricial changes we asked for. He moved a couple of outlets and installed the housings for the shower light/fan and the light over our window.

This is the area where our shower used to sit. At first he installed the outlet on the lower right of the photo. Then we decided we'd like it moved to a place that would allow us to install upper and lower cabinets and still have access to the outlet if we ever decide to do this in the future. So you can see the new outlet on the upper left of the photo.

This is a terrible picture and I don't know why I took it this way, but this is the outlet that used to be on the linen closet wall. It's now been moved to the back wall. It's hard to see, but it's right in the middle of this photo. Am photographing weirdo.

This is the hub's new outlet location. It's basically been moved down about 4 inches or so. It used to sit about midway between the green area and where the drywall is cut, but with the addition of sconces and the scooting over of the vanity, we thought it might look better move it down and out of the way a bit.

Side note - I took photos when I got home from work around 5pm. Then our GC showed up to complete some more work so I stopped and picked back up after he left later that night. So half these pics are in daylight, half at night.

The next two photos are of our new light by the window. The first one shows the new housing. Another siide note - Now that the hole in the ceiling has been enlarged, I can see now why that light was located there. There is a rafter right under the cut on the left. There's no room to move it to the left or if they installed it to the left of the riser, then it'd be uncentered on the other side. Oh well.

 This is the same light after our GC came back and filled around it with insulation.

One issue with this new light at the window was the slope of the ceiling. It's not 45 degrees and apparently most can lights are made for either flat or 45 degree ceilings. Our electrician installed a can light that you can tailor to your needs so problem solved! You can angle it just where you need it so that the light shines in an appropriate location and not out the window or in your eyes. The next photo is the same light shot from where the toilet used to be.

 Same thing here with the insulation of the new shower light/fan combo. Nothing exciting. Just prepping for inspections tomorrow.

The new shower window was spray foamed around the edges. Wooo, exciting stuff here. Try to keep your pants on, guys.

The shower pan - all ready for inspection!

A tiny detail of note on the shower. See the 2x4s on the left? They come out the depth of 2 2x4s there. After the bench and wall were built, the right side was only flush with the seat. Yesterday, they bulked up the right end so that the sides would match and the tile would have an equivalent stopping point on both sides. Here's a closer look.

Left side:

Right side:

Right side larger view. Good stuff, right?

And then all the plumbing holes were fire caulked - also in preparation for inspection:

Enough of the boring stuff, here's one last look at the status of the room before tomorrow's work.

Former linen closest shot from toilet location:

Former linen closet shot from old shower location.

Wide view of the entire bathroom. Looking naked!

View of sink wall - now sans linen closet corner. Looking spacious!

Thanks for sitting through all the boring stuff. Tomorrow's work is sure to bring more visible and exciting changes. After the morning inspections of plumbing and electrical (and everything passing) they will start patching old and putting in new drywall! Very exciting to see walls get filled in!


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