Day 9 - Master Bath Remodel


Day 9 was the first day that made me feel assured that our bathroom would one day return to a functional space. I came home to WALLS and PATCHED HOLES. It was great. And I'm pleasantly surprised at how the new full wall really doesn't cut the space off like I thought it might. It's actually quite natural.

Let's dig in to the progress!

Obviously, the inside of the shower doesn't have walls yet since they will be a cement board, but all the regular drywall is done for the most part.

Here's all three sides to the old shower.

The location of the old linen closet (everything was still drying which is why it looks kind of wet)...

The sink wall (holes will be remade for the sconces once we've determined their exact location)...

A view of the sinks and new empty corner. I stood in front of the pipes on the far left and pretended to be at my future sink to see if I felt too close to the toilet. Nope. It's great to be closer to the window, actually!

Speaking of the toilet, here's the new toilet corner. Cozy, right? I have no plans for the wall back there, but I'd like to put in some open shelving for TP storage, but also for decorative things and towels perhaps. Still thinking on that.

The ceiling got patched up, too! Looking good! I'm so glad we were able to combine the shower light and fan and get rid of the original fan that was right in the middle of the ceiling. I was worried with the new can lights, the air vent, and the fan that the ceiling was going to look cluttered. Problem solved. They also fixed the taped seam where the ceiling starts to angle down. It had come unglued from the ceiling and was pretty obvious. We have the same issue in the bedroom which will be fixed when they come in to paint.

Lastly, I upgraded my iPhone to iOS6 last night and took a few panoramic shots of the bathroom for fun.

This one I'm standing IN the new shower and shot the new sink wall.

This one I'm standing in the middle of the sink wall shooting the rest of the bathroom.

No work in the bathroom Thursday or Friday, but caulking, sanding, and priming will take place on Saturday. I'll update again on Sunday!

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