Days 10 & 11 - Master Bath Remodel

I've been slacking on the posts so far this week. I'm off my game since I'm not working this week. Last week was my last day at my old law firm and I've got this week off in preparation for starting my new job on Monday, October 1st! 

As of last week, no work was to be done on Thursday and Friday. The painters were going to come on Saturday for a few hours to sand and prime the walls and finish the ceiling. Turns out, they came on Friday night which was good for our Saturday! I didn't take pics until Sunday so this is a combo post. The primed walls really weren't that exciting anyway.

Yesterday, we started seeing some REAL progress. The tilers are here this week and it's super-exciting. They got all the cement board up in the shower, sloped the shower floor and bench, and got 95% of the floor done.
We went with a pinwheel pattern on the floor and I'm in love with it! I think it gives the floor some interest and movement. It gives the illusion that it's laid on a diagonal, but it's not! 

Check it!

Our tiles for the floor and shower floor are really unique and I'm loving them installed. Here's a close-up:

It's hard to capture on film, but the dark striations are really like a bronze metallic. They are the reason we fell for these tiles.

 Here's another look across the tiles from squatting level.

And the shower floor and bench. Nothing too thrilling here yet.

The instructions from the place we bought our tile are pinned to the wall. Here's the sketch we dictated while we were picking out the tile. You can see our subway tile is the dominant feature. We've got a row of the the mosaic about eye level. The shower bench and floor will be the 3 inch version of what's on our floor. I liked the idea of "framing" the floor with a tile border and you can see that in the sketch, too. The niche that's drawn there, will actually be a little higher up and will be backed in the mosaic.

And here's the old shower corner. Looking snazzy!

The new shower, complete with Subway cup in the window. They are keeping it classy up in here.

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