Master Bathroom Before

While we're at work today, our master bathroom is being demolished. So for posterity's sake, I'm dedicating today's post to the bathroom as it was so we can have plenty to compare to the NEW bathroom! Prepare for lots of pictures!

First, here's the bathroom as it looked when we were under contract. This bathroom's charm was one of the things that sold me on the house. How cute is this?

And here's the same shot as it looked last night.

Basically, we repainted and added a ladder shelf for much needed "storage." The ladder shelf was the only thing we could find that would fit between the sinks. It was supposed to look better than that, but it just got to be a pain to keep clean and organized with daily use.

Here's another shot of the chaos.

See all the stuff everywhere? Yeah, that's going bye-bye when we get our new vanity! This bathroom is great unless you're a product whore like I am.

Let's go over the current issues with our sink area:
No storage
Protruding medicine cabinets
Lights shine on top of medicine cabinets
No real countertops (those babies are slanted and everything falls in the sink!)

I was actually elated to inherit these medicine cabinets when we bought the house. They hold a TON. I should've taken a shot of the inside to show you how many products I had shoved in there. We are not using medicine cabinets in the new bathroom and will only have 3 drawers in which to store our crap. However, we will have a free-standing piece of furniture where our current shower stands.

The tub is also going bye-bye. We never use it and it just collects dust. We have a regular sized tub in our downstairs bathroom so we're not sans tub, we just don't need one in our master bath. The new shower will go where the current tub is.

This is our current tub set up. In the new bathroom, the half wall in the foregound will be a whole wall up to the ceiling. This will give our toilet a bit more privacy and we're having a recessed light installed over the toilet for added light since the addition of the wall will block out most light from the corner where the toilet sits. Gotta see when you have to pee!

Here's another angle of the tub. You can see where the current shower is. That area should be a charming little corner in the end. I plan to put a chest of drawers, a lamp, and a cool driftwood mirror I picked up at Home Goods in that corner. More storage and a little extra space for whatever we need.

We originally planned on building in some cabinets back there, but it was going to cost an extra $1,000 and we figured we could spend that later if we found it necessary. So we scratched that from our plans.

Here's the view from the doorway. We're lucky to have such a spacious bathroom to begin with. Our options for remodeling were kind of limited, though. We think we came up with the best plan.

The all important toilet. Maybe we can hang that little wall cabinet properly next time. It will probably be moving to another bathroom. I'm considering doing open shelving over the toilet since we'll have 2 walls - could do wall-to-wall shelving for even more storage and decor.

Another semi-major change to take place is the replacement of the window over the tub. Right now, it's not a vinyl window which is fine since it's not getting wet. However, in our new layout, it'll be IN the shower. Another issue is that it's not centered between the full wall and half wall. So we decided to replace the window and scoot it over so that it'll be centered and waterproof in the new shower.  The new window will be a 4 over 2 style which will be a change as well.

You can get a better feel for the uncenteredness in this pic:

Next up, the ceiling. We're adding a few pot lights to the center of the bathroom. Currently we have over-sink lighting but those are going and will be replaced with sconces. A single sconce on the outside of each mirror and a double sconce in between. We'll also be losing the pot light over the current shower so we really needed more overall light in the room.

I'm most excited to see a huge change in the floors! We have charming, retro floors now, but the white grout is my nemesis. You can see the travel patterns and I really hate that. Plus, I'm not even going to attempt to clean them since there are approximately 1,298,431 grout lines in our current floor. We'll be replacing it with a grey tile and grey grout and hopefully, it'll look cleaner for longer. Also, our grout will be sealed. I'm not positive our current grout is sealed, but I've not helped matters by spilling my fair share of paint and hair color on it. Ooops.

Here's a few more shots of her all emptied out. I can hardly wait to see these same shots after all the work is complete! Compare pics are my faves!

And lastly, here's the culprit.

I know, kind of disappointing, right? We'll find out today what kind of damage, if any, is in the floor/kitchen ceiling. I'm hoping there's no mold or any damage that can't be easily remedied.

For now, we've piled into the upstairs spare bedroom's bathroom and it's cozy to say the least. We're sharing a sink although we're not sharing showers in the morning. I've been using the shower downstairs.

Here's all our stuff in our new headquarters:

 Gotta have TP!

One sink really sucks.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll share all the demo pics! 

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