Rug Me the Right Way

Here she is - laid out in all her glory. And I love her.

Please excuse the foam roller on the left, the dog toy basket, stool, rogue floor lamp, and unpainted and in-need-of-reupholstery-bad chairs. Just look at my lovely rug. It's so much more me and so much better for the room.

The curtains have already been relocated because, HELLO? Stripes and chevron were killin' my eyes! Not sure what will replace them yet.

Also, thinking of repainting (??). Not sure yet. I feel like the room needs a pop of color back in it. The great thing about our dining room is all that fabulous wainscoting. It makes painting it a snap (well, not really, but compared to full walls it's a snap).

Here's a shot of the runner and the dining room rug together. Again, they are rightnexttoeachtother and I was worried it'd be a bit much. So far, I don't mind it a bit.

That bench doesn't live there so don't worry.

You can see in this pic that the hallway has been painted a dark charcoal grey. In my last post it was still builder's boring beige.

What color should I paint my dining room? Or is the grey good?

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  1. Really striking, Kelley. Tend to agree a warm color might give it snap, but live with the grey for a while. I may pop over to see it in person:):)