Revelations & Renovations

This post is only going to have one picture. Can you handle it?

I just felt like sharing something....

This past Saturday, hubs and I spent most of the day riding around looking at neighborhoods and houses for our potential move. Yes, that's right. We thought about moving. AGAIN. But (spoiler alert) by the end of the day, we decided to stay put. Let me back up a bit and tell you how this came about.

In the last few months there have been a few odd happenings around the casa. Happenings that left us feeling a bit unsettled and wondering about our safety and that of our house and baby, Three. The happening that left a rotted cherry on top was last week when an (illegally) parked car on the empty lot across the street caught on fire at 1:30am. YEAH. Coupled with all the other weirdness (read: stolen plants, clarinet stashed under our house) we kind of thought "should we get outta dodge?"

So, we investigated. Basically, for me anyway, by the end of the day, I had a renewed appreciation for our house and its location. We saw some nice homes, but they were either in a far out location or they just weren't as great as our house. We both decided we'd rather put a chunk of change into our current house that put a chunk of change down on a new house. Especially because we JUST custom renovated our bathroom! It's hard to look at builder bathrooms after we've lived with one great custom bathroom for 2 years and now have a new one. Nothing measures up!

The exciting part is that we're meeting with our favorite GC again tonight to discuss ..... LIVING ROOM and KITCHEN renovations. We are aiming for the stars, but willing to come back down to earth depending on the estimate.

Our current kitchen is great and we really love the IKEA cabinets and quartz countertops. We have a great pantry and lovely windows looking out to our back yard and patio. BUT. I've always wanted it to be an eat-in kitchen. I've printed our floor plan we received from the original builder back when we bought the house and have drawn on our proposed changes.

Right now, we have a small screened-in porch off the kitchen. We're thinking of enclosing that to enlarge our kitchen. We're also thinking of splitting our "office" downstairs into a new walk-in closet for the guest bedroom and an office. We don't use it a ton now so splitting it wouldn't really cramp our style. The current closet in the guestroom would get closed off and (hopefully) accessed from the kitchen. Because it sits next to our current pantry, we'd like to merge the two and make one large pantry or perhaps something like this (photo from House*Tweaking) which has a little workspace:

Lastly, we may be able to close in a walkway from our garage to the house. As it is now, we have to go outside to get inside the house from the garage. It's never really been an issue because it's just a few steps, but it'd be nice to have dry access to the garage if we can! 

The living room will have fairly minor renovations. Mostly just changing one wall where the fireplace and TV are. We hope to remove all or part of the wall that separates the living and kitchen spaces for a more open feel. 

The possibilities are very exciting, but we'll have to see what the damage is before we'll know what we're going to do. 

The best part for me is the revelation that I DO love my house and I DO want to stay in it. Even if we have weirdo neighbors and weirdo things happening around us. We can customize it to our hearts content and hopefully come out with something even better than we started with. OUR home.


The Reveal - Master Bath

It's been a long time coming, but now's the time for the big reveal. Except, well....my photography skills suck when it's 9:30 at night and I'm too lazy to "undress" the shower. But you'll get over it.

So, if you remember, here's where we started...

 And here's where we are today!

The old shower location....

 The old shower location now....
(Pardon the horrific photography of an illuminated lamp. I wasn't trying.)

Here's a couple of close-ups of that lovely mirror.

I've moved my jewelry and fragrances into the bathroom. They used to both live in the closet on top of my lingerie chest, but I love them in the bathroom. Seems more fitting.

Next up, the old view from the door....

And now we see....

Try to contain your excitement for old and new pics of the toilet, but here's where we started....

And here's where we are now.

This new toilet corner leaves much to be desired. It's empty for sure, but I have visions of walnut wall to wall open shelving over the toilet for decor and function (storing TP). At least we've got a new toilet! I'm really glad we didn't end up reusing our old one. That would've just been gross.

Here's a shot of our former sink area (complete with my hubby's adorable leg sunburn)...

And here's the new...

Here are some other random shots for which I do not have comparison angles.

No, I didn't take down our loofahs, and yes, my husband is using the pink one.

With our lovely glass door open. The glass is really wonderful. It's quality stuff.

The hardware (excuse the dark picture). 

Here's our little niche complete with chemical-free and body-healthy products. We're keeping Yes in business.

The new window is kind of awesome. It's centered in the shower and even though it's mostly the same size as the old one, it seems to let in a bit more light since there's no center piece. I also love how the tilers framed it out.

We went with frameless glass for the shower, but instead of the clips, we chose a chrome channel set glass. It disappears and is less cluttered of a look (at least we think so).

The custom feet for our vanity!

First, yes, I see the ding in the cabinet. Sniff, sniff. I noticed it when reviewing the pictures. Oh well, it's got to get broken in at some point! 

Second, if you remember, the feet from Martha Stewart were going to be $150 EACH. We needed 6. you do the math. Our GC had these made for us and they are cuter and cheaper and just what I wanted. There are 3 on each sink and the middle section sits on the floor. 

Speaking of the floor, here's ours. It's laid in a pinwheel pattern and I adore it.

Here's where the old linen closet stood.

I'm so so glad we ripped it out and this little corner cabinet fits perfectly. You can also see, we've not filled it up yet. We've got more storage now than we did before which surprised us.

 A couple shots of the new sinks...

And some details...

Towel hooks

Cabinet knobs...

 New embroidered towels (the cherry on top)...

I'll be posting pics of our newly painted bedroom in the near future. Our wainscoting project is FINALLY finished no thanks to us, but total thanks to our painters who came and painted that bad boy a few Saturdays ago. Better them than us, right? We are too lazy to be DIYers 100%.

For those of you interested in where we got this stuff, here's my source list:
General Contractor - Dan Martin, Bonsal Construction 
Shower Glass - Majestic Marble & Glass 
Cabinets - Martha Stewart Living from Home Depot
Countertops & Sinks - Kraftmaid from Home Depot
Towel Hooks - Anthropologie
Cabinet Knobs - Anthropologie
Free-standing cabinets - Hemnes Collection from IKEA
Sink Mirrors - Target
White Accessories - Home Goods
Driftwood Mirror - Home Goods 
If you're curious about anything else - just ask!


I Swear You Guys...

... The bathroom really is complete (sort of). I've just been so completely zapped at the end of each day since starting this new job. It's all mental, my friends. I just need to get on it and take some non-iPhone pics. Again, I'm just teasing you here, but I'm leaving you with a single iPhone shot of the mirrors and storage cabinet and knobs installed. 

Ain't she lovely?

I'm kind of obsessed. You can see the reflection of the shower, although at that point, we still had no shower glass. The glass was installed last Friday and we took our inaugural showers on Sunday. The shower is fab. It feels so good to have tile under foot rather than crappy fiberglass. The only thing left to do is wait for the new slab of quartz for the middle section and then they will permanently glue down all the tops and caulk it out. 

When I post the final reveal I'll include a source list.


Day !&#$^ - Master Bathroom Remodel

We're really coming down the end here and it's feeling good! I've finally got a few not-so-hot iPhone pics to share. I promise, a good quality post is coming this weekend!
Yesterday, the sinks, faucets, and remaining lighting went in. Here's what it looked like at 9pm last night...

Wee! Looking good, right? I'm not sure why the right side of the middle sconce looks darker, I need to investigate the bulb in there. And yes, I turned the far right shade around so the seam was facing the wall. These men just don't know how it's done!
We have a slight issue with the countertop in the middle section. Shockingly, the hubs caught it. I don't know that I would've ever noticed it! It's too short. It was ordered to go on an 18" cabinet with a 3/4" overhang and somehow we ended up with a 19" cabinet so the top isn't overhanging the top of the drawers. You can see it better in the photo below. Oops.

Home Depot is going to replace it at no charge since they don't know where the mix-up occured.

Here's a tall shot of the vanity. You can see a peek of the feet our GC had made for us. I will post close-ups this weekend. They are great! So much better than the $150 per foot ones from Martha Stewart. That was going to be $900 worth of feet. Soooo not worth it!
Here's our new toilet. So clean. The paint looks a little green in the picture, but I assure you it's a wonderful shade of taupey gray. This toilet sits a little lower than our last one, but it has a great, efficient flush which I'm happy about!

Finally our shower hardware went up! Looking good. Love the square. Our GC even thought to put in a square drain cover which is one of those details I would never have thought of!

And a close-up of the shower fixture. We selected one like our old one. It had a lever where you can set the temp and then the on/off lever turns the water on. Makes it nice for getting a consistent temperature each day.

The flow at our sinks and shower is a little weak so we hope to get the plumber back out to see what he can do to improve that. Otherwise, today the knobs will be installed our drawers, towel bars and rings hung, and hopefully the mirrors will go up!
The shower glass still needs to be measured for (I think) and then it could be 10 business days to get that in. Plus, it's a 2 week wait for a replacement slab of quartz. Luckily, we get to use what's there for now so we won't have an open top of a cabinet to look at for two weeks.
What do you think??


To Whet Your Appetite for Renovation...

I'm having some issues with iCloud so for now, I have only this one photo to share.

This is the bathroom as of last night. The paint is still wet.

You can see that the vanities are in as well. The one sink you see in place has not yet been permanently attached. it was placed there to make sure it overhung the front of the vanity because our middle section does NOT overhang and we're having to have that piece recut.

Today the plumber is coming to put in the rest of the shower fixtures, the sinks and faucets, and the toilet. I believe the electrician may be coming today as well to place the sconces and finish up the ceiling lights and shower fan/light. Basically, when we get home today it should really look finished.
I will post more pictures tonight!  


Master Bath Remodel

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, guys! I've started a new job so I'm all out of sorts and in the midst of getting in a new routine.

Not much has happened since my last post. The floor was grouted, but that's not all that exciting. Our vanity and part of the countertops went in yesterday, but there was a slight issue so that will need attending to in the future. They replaced all our baseboards as well.

Today I think the sinks and countertops will go in and possibly paint. Paint was on the schedule for last night but it didn't happen.

Stay tuned and be patient! :)