Day !&#$^ - Master Bathroom Remodel

We're really coming down the end here and it's feeling good! I've finally got a few not-so-hot iPhone pics to share. I promise, a good quality post is coming this weekend!
Yesterday, the sinks, faucets, and remaining lighting went in. Here's what it looked like at 9pm last night...

Wee! Looking good, right? I'm not sure why the right side of the middle sconce looks darker, I need to investigate the bulb in there. And yes, I turned the far right shade around so the seam was facing the wall. These men just don't know how it's done!
We have a slight issue with the countertop in the middle section. Shockingly, the hubs caught it. I don't know that I would've ever noticed it! It's too short. It was ordered to go on an 18" cabinet with a 3/4" overhang and somehow we ended up with a 19" cabinet so the top isn't overhanging the top of the drawers. You can see it better in the photo below. Oops.

Home Depot is going to replace it at no charge since they don't know where the mix-up occured.

Here's a tall shot of the vanity. You can see a peek of the feet our GC had made for us. I will post close-ups this weekend. They are great! So much better than the $150 per foot ones from Martha Stewart. That was going to be $900 worth of feet. Soooo not worth it!
Here's our new toilet. So clean. The paint looks a little green in the picture, but I assure you it's a wonderful shade of taupey gray. This toilet sits a little lower than our last one, but it has a great, efficient flush which I'm happy about!

Finally our shower hardware went up! Looking good. Love the square. Our GC even thought to put in a square drain cover which is one of those details I would never have thought of!

And a close-up of the shower fixture. We selected one like our old one. It had a lever where you can set the temp and then the on/off lever turns the water on. Makes it nice for getting a consistent temperature each day.

The flow at our sinks and shower is a little weak so we hope to get the plumber back out to see what he can do to improve that. Otherwise, today the knobs will be installed our drawers, towel bars and rings hung, and hopefully the mirrors will go up!
The shower glass still needs to be measured for (I think) and then it could be 10 business days to get that in. Plus, it's a 2 week wait for a replacement slab of quartz. Luckily, we get to use what's there for now so we won't have an open top of a cabinet to look at for two weeks.
What do you think??

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