I Swear You Guys...

... The bathroom really is complete (sort of). I've just been so completely zapped at the end of each day since starting this new job. It's all mental, my friends. I just need to get on it and take some non-iPhone pics. Again, I'm just teasing you here, but I'm leaving you with a single iPhone shot of the mirrors and storage cabinet and knobs installed. 

Ain't she lovely?

I'm kind of obsessed. You can see the reflection of the shower, although at that point, we still had no shower glass. The glass was installed last Friday and we took our inaugural showers on Sunday. The shower is fab. It feels so good to have tile under foot rather than crappy fiberglass. The only thing left to do is wait for the new slab of quartz for the middle section and then they will permanently glue down all the tops and caulk it out. 

When I post the final reveal I'll include a source list.

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