The Reveal - Master Bath

It's been a long time coming, but now's the time for the big reveal. Except, well....my photography skills suck when it's 9:30 at night and I'm too lazy to "undress" the shower. But you'll get over it.

So, if you remember, here's where we started...

 And here's where we are today!

The old shower location....

 The old shower location now....
(Pardon the horrific photography of an illuminated lamp. I wasn't trying.)

Here's a couple of close-ups of that lovely mirror.

I've moved my jewelry and fragrances into the bathroom. They used to both live in the closet on top of my lingerie chest, but I love them in the bathroom. Seems more fitting.

Next up, the old view from the door....

And now we see....

Try to contain your excitement for old and new pics of the toilet, but here's where we started....

And here's where we are now.

This new toilet corner leaves much to be desired. It's empty for sure, but I have visions of walnut wall to wall open shelving over the toilet for decor and function (storing TP). At least we've got a new toilet! I'm really glad we didn't end up reusing our old one. That would've just been gross.

Here's a shot of our former sink area (complete with my hubby's adorable leg sunburn)...

And here's the new...

Here are some other random shots for which I do not have comparison angles.

No, I didn't take down our loofahs, and yes, my husband is using the pink one.

With our lovely glass door open. The glass is really wonderful. It's quality stuff.

The hardware (excuse the dark picture). 

Here's our little niche complete with chemical-free and body-healthy products. We're keeping Yes in business.

The new window is kind of awesome. It's centered in the shower and even though it's mostly the same size as the old one, it seems to let in a bit more light since there's no center piece. I also love how the tilers framed it out.

We went with frameless glass for the shower, but instead of the clips, we chose a chrome channel set glass. It disappears and is less cluttered of a look (at least we think so).

The custom feet for our vanity!

First, yes, I see the ding in the cabinet. Sniff, sniff. I noticed it when reviewing the pictures. Oh well, it's got to get broken in at some point! 

Second, if you remember, the feet from Martha Stewart were going to be $150 EACH. We needed 6. you do the math. Our GC had these made for us and they are cuter and cheaper and just what I wanted. There are 3 on each sink and the middle section sits on the floor. 

Speaking of the floor, here's ours. It's laid in a pinwheel pattern and I adore it.

Here's where the old linen closet stood.

I'm so so glad we ripped it out and this little corner cabinet fits perfectly. You can also see, we've not filled it up yet. We've got more storage now than we did before which surprised us.

 A couple shots of the new sinks...

And some details...

Towel hooks

Cabinet knobs...

 New embroidered towels (the cherry on top)...

I'll be posting pics of our newly painted bedroom in the near future. Our wainscoting project is FINALLY finished no thanks to us, but total thanks to our painters who came and painted that bad boy a few Saturdays ago. Better them than us, right? We are too lazy to be DIYers 100%.

For those of you interested in where we got this stuff, here's my source list:
General Contractor - Dan Martin, Bonsal Construction 
Shower Glass - Majestic Marble & Glass 
Cabinets - Martha Stewart Living from Home Depot
Countertops & Sinks - Kraftmaid from Home Depot
Towel Hooks - Anthropologie
Cabinet Knobs - Anthropologie
Free-standing cabinets - Hemnes Collection from IKEA
Sink Mirrors - Target
White Accessories - Home Goods
Driftwood Mirror - Home Goods 
If you're curious about anything else - just ask!

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