Buyer's Remorse

Things have been craptastic since I last updated.

First, they got better. Then they got ... well ... craptastic.

So our lunatic buyer miraculously came back a few days later like a grown ass woman and resubmitted the offer we had previously negotiated over email. It was a Christmas miracle! Her agent claimed she had "worked it out with her son" and all was good in the world again and just like that - we were under contract.

We went UC on January 4th, just in time for some house hunting on January 5th. Which was fun, but stirred up a whole mess of confusion in our heads. I won't get into that, though.

The following Friday, January 11th, my office was supposed to close at noon to have a transformer repaired. This closing was announced the previous Wednesday and in my excitement I scheduled lots of showings and a meeting with the builder of a home we liked to discuss customizations. THEN the office decided to stay open and work on the transformer on Saturday, but alas, I took the afternoon off anyway.

So, Friday we saw a couple of homes and then went to a meeting with the builder. We went through our laundry list of wishes and hopes and dreams and he took note of them all. Sometimes saying "No prob" and others saying he'd run it past the boss. Sweet. All good. Then we went over to see the house again. They've built a spec house of the plan we like so we went there to see it in person again and come up with more tweaks we'd like to make. Again, fun. To see it finished and all cleaned up was great and just got me that much more excited to build our own, special version of it.

Part of this story includes the inspection of our current house by our looney buyer. The inspection was scheduled from noon to 5pm on Friday, which made our house hunting and meeting with the builder even more timely.

After our day of fun we headed back home. When I walked in, everything looked just as I left it. Almost TOO MUCH like I left it. Almost like NO INSPECTION HAD ACTUALLY TAKEN PLACE. I mentioned it to the hubs and he emailed our agent to get confirmation from looney's agent that the inspection went down and went well.

WELL, around 8pm our agent forwards us an email from looney's agent time-stamped 7:42pm that the buyer was TERMINATING THE CONTRACT. WTF? Yes, you read that right. She changed her mind. It just took her several visits to the house to confirm her "gut" feeling that she wanted to back out. heh. I'll give you a gut feeling, you crazy B!

So just like that, and on the day of a great meeting with the builder, we're back at square one AGAIN.

I was so .... something ... it was hard to even feel an emotion over anger. WHO DOES THAT? Who puts in an offer on a house they've seen at least three times and THEN waits another WEEK to TERMINATE? I mean, maybe if you were normal and you put in an offer with no fuss - but this lady drug us through the mud. She low-balled us $25k on her first offer, then came up $5k but wanted about $3k worth of personal property. Then when we finally agreed she bailed on the offer. Then she comes back and all seems good with the world. She put in a short due diligence period which seemed like a good thing. Maybe her $100 due diligence fee should've tipped us off. I just can't believe it. Had it not happened the very day we FINALLY met with the builder, I might not have had such a horrible reaction.

I went to bed pissed off. I woke up at 5:30am still pissed off and unable to go back to sleep for a while.

I hate square one. And I hate MM who works at SAS. She's a moron.

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