Gee, it's been a while since I've posted, huh? Well, there's a good reason for that. A reason I've not really wanted to share, but now I just feel like sharing so here goes.

We put our house on the market.

I know, I know. WHAT?!?

But some stuff happened and we just decided to go for it. We listed the week before Christmas because we are GENIUSES! We had an open house the very first Sunday and five couples came through in just 2 hours. Pretty good, huh? One lady seemed smitten (we weren't there - this is reported by our agent) and we thought we might get an offer. A week goes by and she FINALLY schedules a 2nd showing. After that, radio silence again for a couple of days. Then finally she submitted an offer on Christmas Eve and we were told via text by our agent on Christmas day. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US!

We reviewed the offer the next day and were totally disappointed. After having only been on the market three weeks, she low-balled us $25,000 under list price. Yeah. IDONTTHINKSO. We submitted a response to her offer (different than a counter offer) basically saying, "We reject your offer, but if you rewrite it more like this we'll look more favorably on it." To that she responds just $5,000 more but now she wants a s**t load of our personal property (all my rugs and all my curtains). Again, IDONTTHINKSO. We were ready to hang up the towel on this lady but with some calm advice from our agent, we wanted HER to walk away, not US. She finally came up to our rock bottom and we accepted.

Her next job was to resubmit her offer and then we'd be under contract. Well, easier said than done. She pulls out of the deal because her 18 year old senior-in-high-school son refuses to come see the house (or move for that matter). #?%#$#:"?#@$:" SERIOUSLY?

Since when do teenagers get ANY say in what house their parents buy? I never did! And this kid is going off to college in the fall so what the heck does he care anyway? Words cannot accurately describe the number of emotions I had at that moment. Dumbfounded, pissed, shocked, but also I was totally laughing at her for her horrendous parenting and ability to stand up to her 18 year old! HUH??

So anyway, now we're back at square one with no offers. We've had some showings but so far no bites. It's frustrating because with an offer so close we (or at least I) had gotten into find mode hardcore so it's hard to just drop that and feel like we can't look right now because we've not sold.


So that's the latest in our world.

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