New Beginnings

I feel like a broken record when I sit down to compose a new post. "I've been MIA .... It's been a long time since I last posted.... Long time, no write" and so on and so forth. Let's just skip the obvious and get to the good stuff.

Lots of stuff has happened since 1.22.13 - the date of my last post.

For one, we sold our house! YAY! We finally went under contract on March 21st and while it still feels so fragile, we've made it past the point where everything fell apart with our last buyer. In fact, the week we went under contract we most interesting. We received a LOOOOOW offer on Tuesday and were in verbal (email) negotiations with these buyers when ANOTHER offer came in on Thursday for full price. We took the no-brainer and accepted their offer pronto. Too bad so sad for those other buyers. That's what happens when you offer $37,500 under list price when list price is virtually spot-on with what market value seems to be.

Last Thursday they had the inspection and we were so nervous that once again, that day would be the day they'd back out. Last time, the day of the inspection, no inspection happened and no one told us. It wasn't until we got home and felt that no one had been there and we checked into it that we were told she was cancelling the contract. Grr. But whatever, it happened last week and these buyers seems to be serious about going through with it. Next up, the appraisal and we don't know when that is scheduled for yet. After that (if we get a satisfactory appraisal) we may feel like we can breathe and perhaps start packing!

Which leads me to the next bit of news - we're under contract on a new house of our own! YAY! After we went under contract on our house, we scheduled a full Saturday (my birthday, actually) to see homes. I think we went to 8-10 homes. It was a FULL day. Turns out, the first one was the best one and we made an offer a couple of days later. They accepted our price ($20k under) and we were shocked. Great news for us, though! I am very excited. The inspection is tomorrow and hopefully we don't find any deal breakers. These sellers are so meticulous so hopefully they've maintained everything to the nines and nothing major will need to be repaired. Still, we have the appraisal for that house to wait on and that's just nerve-wracking for us after what we went through last time.

Here's a pic of the exterior -it's a 1986 contemporary - very different from our 2007 bungalow! I don't want to push my luck so photos of the rest will come after we close!