Contemplating Contemporary

I've gotten some requests for pics of the new house and because it still looks like something blew up, I'm going to post pics I took during one of our first showings. So keep in mind these are the former owner's furnishings so don't judge! 

These are in a massively random order because I'm too lazy to put them in order at the moment. Take what you can get, folks. 

Welcome to our 1986 Contemporary! 

This is a corner in our front living room. We currently have a much smaller TV where their giant one sat, but I enjoy the view to the upstairs hallway.

This is a handy built in bookshelf and cabinet in our rear family room. It's a bit dark, but I will paint that sucker white in the semi-near future (when I paint the brick fireplace).

This is a view down into the front living room from the upstairs hallway shown in the first pic. It's a lovely large room with a vaulted ceiling.

This is the downstairs half bath. Over-improve much? I love indulgence in a half bath.

This is our foyer as seen from the front living room. Oh how I wish it had those beautiful hardwoods rather than tile, but each is well done and well maintained so I'll take it.

This is the master bedroom. Complete with blue carpet, yes. Like I said, don't judge.

This is the garage. It was immaculate. Freshly painted floor and lawn mower parked on plastic sheeting to keep it clean.

This is the dining room. I wanted to ask for their table, but didn't have the nerve. Also, that's a stocked wine fridge over in the corner. It didn't come with the house. Bummer.

This is the make-up counter in the master bath. The husband lets me use it from time to time.

This is the master bath. You can't see it, but there's a motorized skylight in the middle of the ceiling. We are loving the creative use of space that gives us so much cabinet storage!

This is our GAS STOVE in our new kitchen. Complete with granite slab backsplash. I've fried an egg or two on the stove, but have yet to cook a whole meal on this baby. It came with a griddle insert, too. #pancakesssss

This is the laundry room. To the right of the rug is the door from the garage into the house so this is like a mudroom. We have front loaders on pedestals so this room looks a lot fuller with our machines in them. I will paint those cabinets white one day.

This is the decorative cabinet above the gas stove. I don't have anything inside the glass cabinets yet, but I have some blue glass pieces in the spotlit area above.

Pardon their mess. This is the only walk-in attic space. It's off the master bath which is kind of convenient and also tucked away. It sits over the garage and it's plenty large without being so huge that we think we can accumulate a bunch of crap.

This is the view down the upstairs hallway from the bed in the master bedroom. Picture a sea of light hardwood floors and white trim. That's what's in this hallway's future.

This is the stairwell photographed while I was standing in the upstairs hallway. This railing is going to be redone because it's only up to 1986 code, not 2013. Also, our Westie fits through the slats so picture this railing with tons of moving boxes flattened and leaned up against the rail. That's where we're at now.

This is the shower in the master bath. It's lovely and I love it. I only get to shower in it three times a week because I'm at the gym showering the other four.

This is another part of the kitchen. We have fancy high-end appliances by Dacor. I have yet to use either of them.

This is the only other full bath other than the master. This one is upstairs and is small, but gets the job done. I am not a fan of the tile and may use my $1500 in free tile from The Tile Shop to redo this baby. Just the tile, the rest is spotless and lovely.

This is the foyer as seen from outside the half bath downstairs. There's a hallway from the front door to the kitchen which passes by the laundry room and the half bath so that's where this pic was taken. The door frame on the far right is a lovely coat closet that's HUUUUGE compared to what we had in our last house.

This is the half bath! Told you about over-improvement. I can't figure out what to fill those cabinets with!

Another shot of the stairs.

This is also in the master bath. Across from the shower is the toilet and more lovely cabinets. We keep sheets and towels up in there. The bottom cube has a pull out laundry hamper basket thingy.

The dining room. The wall with the large painting was the perfect spot for my beloved china cabinet and one of the reasons I knew this house was perfect!

And lastly, here's the fun little fountain that sits outside the front door. It's all clean and lovely and functioning here, but right now, in reality, it's full of those nasty wormy things that fall out of oak trees in the spring. Also, the plants are in need of severe pruning. However, this is a gem at night - see the landscape light? They are all around the front of our house and I love it.

Hope you've enjoyed the scattered tour!!!


  1. o m g i love it!!! i recognized that it wasn't your furnishings immediately! that kitchen and those bathrooms are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi not sure how I found your blog, but it was really interesting seeing your house tour :) I love your storage space in the kitchen, wish it was mine! I really fell in love with your "floating patio"! Okay I know most people might say okay you have to do a bunch of things with it for landscaping, but I thought it was amazing and awesome in it's simplicity! The flooring you picked out is great - it will look wonderful in your home. Congrats on your new home and the fun you will have making it "you".