More House Pics

I realized that I didn't have many great shots of the kitchen as a whole and some other rooms as well. Since I haven't finished cleaning up and putting away, I'm sharing pictures from the listing which are pretty dang good. Again, not our furnishing, so be nice.

Here's a full shot of our lovely kitchen. It's pretty awesome. There are lights galore - ceiling, above cabinets, below cabinets, IN the glass cabinets. Everywhere.

This is the small, but helpful dining area in the kitchen. We've not had an eat-in kitchen since 2 houses ago. If we could ever stop using our current table as a dumping ground for stuff, it'll be an adorable place to sit for a quick dinner. And within eye shot of the TV!

Dining room again. I seriously wanted their table.

Rear family room. This picture doesn't do it's length justice (that's what she said).

Front living and dining room. This will be a great space "for entertaining" if I'm being as HGTV as possible.

The master bedroom from another angle. Don't let the picture fool you, this carpet is even BETTER in person. Also, the room is NOT this bright. Not even close. Ever.

Master shower. It's lovely.

Our three-season porch. We will love this one day. Right now, we have no furniture for this room so it's pretty much empty.

Backyard. We'll most likely add more grass one day. Neither of us see much use of a horseshoe shaped walking path around a floating patio, but that's just us.

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