Lifetime Fitness D.Tox Program Experience

Hello everyone. Today is my last day of detox and I feel compelled to jot down what my experience was like in case I ever find myself wanting to this again. So here goes...

A little background first. I am a member at Lifetime Fitness. Love it. Mean it. This is a super-great and fancy gym and the only one I've ever been able to go to consistently for more than a few months. I've been a member for a year an a couple months and I've now lost 25.8 pounds.

It helped that I've enlisted the assistance of a personal trainer twice a week for the last year and a couple of months (so expensive, but we've been blessed financially this year, enough so that I'm able to indulge in a trainer although I know these days are limited).

My trainer is effing awesome. 

Please read about her here. She has helped me get in to the best shape of my life and helped me lose 20 pounds. I was lucky to be randomly placed with her as she has experienced anxiety and panic in her life as well and understands (somehow) what I need. She pushes me, but not too hard, and in just the right way. I've overcome so many fears and we're still working on more!

Additionally, I have been seeing a dietician there although my long-time one just took a new job so I'm getting to know a new one. Both are great and super-knowledgeable. I've learned to listen to my body as well as incorporating their suggestions because I've also learned that not every body responds the same to the same diet. Some are intolerant or sensitive to certain foods and that can slow down or even totally hinder weight loss.

SO. We arrive at D.Tox. This program is 14 days and $220 worth of product. So you see why I put it off. But after mannnnny months of a weight loss plateau despite a huge change in diet, I just stopped burning fat. It was sad and horrible and frustrating. I kept working out to stay in shape, but all that work and no weight loss was a roller coaster ride of sadness and frustration with a side of determination to keep. going.

So. D.Tox. 

Yeah, it's been quite the challenge. I had to cut out all dairy, all gluten, peanuts, peanut butter, eggs, condiments, coffee, soda, butter, sugars (except a few natural ones) and any added caffeine (naturally occurring caffeine in green tea and yerba mate was OK thank goodness) just to name a few. I had to stop all my supplements and prescription medications (except birth control and Lexapro - they let me stay on those) although I could continue to take my omega 3s and multivitamins (which I also buy from Lifetime).

I could pretty much eat vegetables endlessly. I couldn't have corn, canned veggies, or creamed veggies, but other than that I was free to eat vegetables all the livelong day. I can't do the approved/non-approved list justice so here's it is. You do the math. Yeah, I couldn't eat much.

In addition to the foods I could and couldn't eat, I also took supplements and detoxifiers twice a day along with 2 scoops of FastFuel and 1 scoop of Fibermend. The supplements had a liver cleanse and I can't remember what the other 2 did. They smelled like popcorn and were brightly colored.

I'm not going to lie - the FastFuel and Fibermend were not enjoyable. Even when I added almond milk, almond butter, and frozen fruit. It SMELLED like cake batter, tasted NOT like cake batter. It was doable - but let's just say I won't be craving those two anytime soon.

So after the 2 FF and Fibermind shakes a day, 2 packets of "nutrients" a day, I could eat meals as needed. The good thing about D.Tox was that I didn't have to count calories. I didn't have to keep a food record. It was a 2 week vacay from caring about that stuff. Mostly everything on the approved list is a reasonable number of calories on its own so you really won't over do it. You could, but you'd feel like ass and be stuffed.

I had some of the expected tummy gurgling and upset and yes it was EXTREMELY hard to watch others eat what I perceived to be delicious food I was being deprived of (think a family meal at Mellow Mushroom on day TWO of detox. Nice, amirite?). So yes, I got a little angry inside, but whatever, I persisted through it and have arrived on day 14 having not cheated ONE. SINGLE. TIME. Despite dinners out to restaurants not catering to d.tox patients.

I've not kept up my workouts this week because I've had a nagging feeling of indigestion and lots of bloating and bubbly-ness and just didn't feel good. Between last Friday and today I've worked out once. Boo.

D.Tox RESULTS: Lost 5.8 pounds in 14 days and 2% body fat. 

I'm pretty jazzed about that. My weight no longer starts with a 19. It starts with a 18 and my goal is to stay out of those 19s AFTER D.tox.

Tomorrow I can begin to incorporate dairy, coffee, and bananas back into my diet. I'm suspicious of a dairy sensitivity because I've read a lot online that suggests that you can have a hidden sensitivity to dairy and it can keep you from being able to lose weight even with great effort. So we add it back FIRST and see what happens. Still no gluten, still no sugar, still no peanut butterrrrrr. So sad.

Overall, I'm glad I did it and I'm super-glad it's coming to an end. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I think the fact that I was already eating pretty clean helped minimize the digestive upset, fatigue, and crankiness. I found no loss of energy which is helpful for those of us who work full time and mostly sit in a chair staring a computer all day.

It's an expensive endeavor and you have to be dedicated to doing it right in order to get the results - at least that's been my mind set and experience. I'm sure I could've eaten better, but it's amazing how much stuff you can't have when you cut out major categories so I just lost steam and desire to prepare dinner and lunches and all that. I ate at Whole Foods a lot. I ate lots of protein and fruits and veggies and I think that's pretty successful. And as much as I didn't enjoy the FF and Fibermend shakes, they saved the day in terms of managing my hunger and filling in when regular meals just wouldn't do it for me.

Would I recommend this program? Yeah, I think so. Again, it's hard and you have to WANT to do it. My main reason for doing it was to see if it could give my body a weight loss kick start and it did that so I'm happy. Plus, I feel like I've cleaned my body inside and out and that I've got a blank slate on which to build a new way of seeing foods and diet. I'm ready to live life after d.tox and see what happens.